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¡@Design & Development of Projects
¡@Design & Manufacture of Measuring Systems
¡@Design & Manufacture of Automatic Control Systems
¡@Design & Manufacture of Expert Machinery
¡@Development & Manufacture of Industrial Computing System
¡@Design & Manufacture of Medical Aids
¡@Design & Manufacture of Real Time Simulation System
¡@Development of Dynamic Models


¡@Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC)
¡@Department of Rapid Transit System, TCG (DORTS)
¡@Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp (THSRC)
¡@Mercuries Data Systems Ltd.
¡@Disability Medical AidsResearch Center of National Science Council
¡@Domestic technology colleges and universities
(including NationalChengKungUniversity, FengChia University, NanKaiCollege ¡Ketc)


¡@¡@The management team of RST has directed its effort to the development of real time simulation system and system automation devices. Currently, the professional technical capacity available can generally be classified into two categories: ¡¨R&D and design/manufacturing capacity for products¡¨ and ¡¨supportive capacity for professional technique¡¨, described below:

  • R&D and design/manufacturing capacity for products

¡@¡@ The R&D engineering department of RST is mainly responsible for the R&D, design, and manufacture, including self-owned real time simulation system, system automation devices, and collaborates with other industry for product development. As years went by, we have broaden the business scope to the project design, development and manufacture of medical aid devices, system measuring device and expert machinery and modification of machines, and have built up a ¡¨Whole System Integration Development Team¡¨ with capacity of system development, design, manufacture and services. Current professional technique available includes:

    • Development, design and manufacture of automatic control system.
    • Development & design of electronic-controlled circuit.
    • Design of computer-controlled programs.
    • Development, design and manufacture of measuring system.
    • Design of expert machinery and design & manufacture of control circuit.
    • Organization, modification, design and manufacture for PLC system to upgrade into PC-based application.
    • Development & application of inspection technique for CCD positioning/ calibration.
    • E&M System Integration.
    • Design & manufacture of control loading.
    • Design & manufacture of the mechanism.
    • Analysis & plan of the structures and vent flow pattern.
    • Design & manufacture of optical system equipments.
    • Design & manufacture of medical aid devices.
    • Plan, design and manufacture of real time simulation system.
    • Co-development of dynamic models.

¡@¡@ Besides, RST has further cooperated actively with " National Cheng Kung University", "Feng Chia University", "ASRD/CSIST" and "AIDC" or other famous organizations in the domestic or overseas, to research and develop new-generation high-tech products, and thereby promote customers¡¦ satisfaction.

  • Professional Technique Support Capacity

¡@¡@ Besides the aforementioned R&D and design/manufacturing capacity for products, the professional technique field that we possess also includes System Engineering and Project Management, Reliability Engineering, Availability, Maintainability Engineering, Safety Analysis, Logistics Support Analysis, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Value Engineering, Test and Evaluation (Verification & Validation), Configuration Managementand Maintenance Tasks Planning, etc.RST is the first and only domestic company that takes serving system safety and system assurance engineering of major transportation construction as our principle objective, and not until one year after establishment of our company we obtain the opportunity to participate in the BOT project of THSRC, and provide consultation for THSRC in railway safety-RAMS, independent verification and validation work plan and contractor selection operations. After compilation, the relevant professional technical supportive abilities are listed below:

    • Manufacture concern of safety storage for successive maintenance of critical modules or components in the plan & organization stage of each system equipment.
    • Parts standardization.
    • System safety & risk management.
    • RAM and logistics support.
    • Verification & Validation ¡V V&V.
    • System engineering and configuration management.
    • Quality assurance system.
    • Consultant of mechanical & electrical system integration.
    • System hardware maintenance for physical simulator.
    • System integration capacity for industrial computing devices with peripheral control.
    • Modification/ enhancement of functions of expert machinery, performance improvement and system integration.

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