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¡@¡@ RealScene Technology Inc. Ltd. (RST) was found in Jan. 1998, with experts from real time simulation system, system integration and other specialized technical R&D fields. For over 7 years, RST has provided state-of-the-art engineering and analysis in the following areas:
  • designing /manufacturing of hardware, dynamic models software, system automation & integration for real time simulation system
  • test/measuring system, industrial computer-based automation solution
  • mechanical/electrical integration on expert machinery and medical aid devices

¡@¡@We provide technical consultation service also, undertake commissions from clients to develop novel products, upgrade existing machinery to improve the performance, and deal with maintenance of expert machinery and test/measuring system equipment business

¡@¡@ From commencement of operation, with humanized management and honest communication as company guideline. RST has always carried out the employee self-management plan, performance-incentive plan, employee¡¦s retirement regulations and internal venturing plan. The relevant policies inside the company will stimulate the employees to make steady progress, innovate and develop, realize individual career planning and to make progress along with the company.

¡@¡@As to our attitude towards the clients, we always adhere to the principle of ¡¨Quality & Efficiency¡¨, ¡¨Prominence & Innovation¡¨, ¡¨Making Progress With Customers¡¨, so as to attain our chief goal of researching and developing high-tech and high added-value products. In addition, RST further ask for excellent after-sales service to promote customers¡¦ satisfactions by the customer-oriented concept.



¡@¡@ By long-term experience accumulated on professional design, manufacture and maintenance of real time simulation system. RST was immediately involved in, at the preliminary stage of its foundation, the design and manufacture of cabin, control units, replicated modules, optical units, firing control system equipment, simulated consoles for Army/Air force use, and various types of control boxes/ control panels and instrument panels or other simulation devices.Meanwhile, we have also cooperated progressively with our counterpart to develop the dynamic models software of related real time simulation system.

¡@¡@ Our goal is providing the real time simulation system that is high efficient, high fidelity, low cost, easy to maintain, and fits the human safety conditions in ergonomics, and is convenient to repair, in hope that the users can be able to overcome the field constraints by using any kind of the devices and accomplish the training mission with casualty of personnel or damage and consumption of material being reduced, attaining the goal that the training efficiency is improved and training cost is reduced by a great deal.

¡@¡@In recent years, with the experience of the leading civil-run manufacturer in real time simulation system industry, RST has been dedicated in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of medical aid devices, system automation devices, system measuring and industrial computing system devices ¡Ketc.RST will commit that various types of currently-available control system professional techniques that we have researched and developed to support the domestic traditional expert-machinery industry through the project-commissioned-for-development channel. RST will support them to upgrade their original functions of machines and instruments, or improve the performance, significantly increase their productivity and efficiency, reduce production cost, and increase the reliability and maintainability of their products, and further promote the image and increase its competitive advantages.

¡@¡@Moreover, to realize the needs of the industry more thoroughly, RST has been active in participating in the preliminary development team of the prominent factories in the domestic or overseas, so that the developed products can be widely acceptable to the customers .


¡@¡@ Since the foundation of RST, though the depth and width of RST¡¦s relevant revenue operation items, precision of organization infrastructure, and human resource quality, etc has all been of considerable magnitude and that we¡¦ve already possessed the technical capability related to the design and manufacture of real time simulation system and industrial automatic control system, RST, however, will continue to persist in professional technical capacity and the spirit of steady improvement, to be devoted into the following:

  • Through the mechanism of professional project development, seeking every opportunity to cooperate with traditional machinery industry to exploit the market of expert machinery, so as to improve added-value and competitive advantages of the traditional machines.
  • Steadily improve and develop professional technique on simulation system cabin, control units, replicated modules, optical units, firing control system, simulated console/control box, control panel or other simulation devices. To exploit the market of real time simulation system for use of both military and civil area in the domestic or overseas, so as to improve the international competitiveness.
  • Establishing self-owned-brand system automation devices, actively enhancing traditional machinery industry to a high quality, low cost and high productivity level.
  • Enhancing the precision and reliability of the measuring system devices, and actively exploiting the domestic or overseas market, so as to encourage the industry to upgrade.



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